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About SCREENpmd

SCREENpmd offers marketing and (digital) distribution services to independent filmmakers & production companies. Ellen Tolsma heads up SCREENpmd, based in Glasgow and well-linked with Amsterdam.

Ellen’s background is in independent film exhibition and distribution. She has created & marketed special programming independent cinemas in the Netherlands on including retrospectives, film education and niche festivals. She co-launched Twin Pics in 2009 – a joint venture of one of Europe’s leading independent distributors Cinéart and independent music label [PIAS] specialising in the distribution of DVDs. As their PR & Marketing Manager she serviced a diverse catalog – from Almodovar to Haneke, from Waltz With Bashir to Slumdog Millionaire, for which the company received gold certification (50K+ DVD sales).

In 2011 Ellen started working with filmmakers and production teams in both Scotland and the Netherlands who were interested in developing their film’s audience and market activity. She has applied her distribution experience to a more hybrid release model and has consulted on audience development and M&D strategies for features and documentaries including GAME (dir Miles Roston) and Aquarella (dir Victor Kossakovsky / in production). Her latest project is music documentary Where You’re Meant To Be on which she is the Producer of Marketing & Distribution (PMD).

Trailer ‘Where You’re Meant To Be’

Other activity

Ellen has given workshops and presentations on film marketing & digital distribution at events and colleges such as the Cultural Enterprise Office and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She also develops filmmaking opportunities for industry entrants and independent makers at GMAC Film.

Digital Distro : Panel Discussion – November 2015