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Coming soon: AQUARELA

It’s been a great year for Aconite Productions and they are delighted to end it with the announcement of AQUARELA, a new film directed by ‘the Rembrandt of documentary’, Victor Kossakovsky.

AQUARELA is a unique and truly visual journey into water, the very substance that is making all life forms on earth possible. In this film, the magnificent, artistic documentary-maker Victor Kossakovsky, plunges into the ‘spirituality’ and essence of water and takes audiences on a visually poetic and dramatic journey reflecting their own personal connection to water at every level.

The project is at an early stage of development but the team is looking to move it forward at the start of 2013. It’s an ambitious project; Aconite needs lots of resources and is aiming to team up with the best players in the industry. German producer ma.ja.de and the Scottish Documentary Institute are already working with the team on this.

What will my role be within the Aquarela production team? I’m on board as the Producer of Marketing & Distirbution, creating, developing & executing the film’s campaign while in production and after. Right now this means strategic thinking on innovative ways of reaching out to our future audience. So keep an eye on this space and/or join Aconite’s Facebook page to get AQUARELA updates.

For those not familiar with Victor’s work here is a link to his latest and highly acclaimed film ‘Vivan Las Antipodas!’


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