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The First Move

As a former marketing manager at an independent film distributor, I am a strong believer in the power of niche marketing & (online) distribution. Territorial boundaries are blurring and digital technology enables us to connect with people all over the world. But, the niche can only be catered for if the marketing strategy is in it for the long run.

In comes the producer of marketing & distribution – or PMD. 9 Months ago I joined the team at Aconite Productions and started to explore the potential of the role together with producer Aimara Reques. We make a great combo: Aimara brings a wealth of knowledge of the documentary industry to the table and I add a background in traditional distribution & creative marketing.

Our projects are growing strong and now that I know what contribution a PMD can bring, I have taken the plunge. So hello & welcome to my blog: a showcase of what I do plus thoughts on independent film marketing & distribution in the digital age. And if you’re a filmmaker, producer or distributor, you might find some of my planned posts useful when working on your own projects.  I also take on new projects – please contact me to arrange a chat.



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